Multiple Teams · Introduction of the Busco 3 Sport Award

The Busco athletic department is excited to introduce a new athletic award patch for student-athletes at Busco called the “3 Sport Patch”.

Our Coaches and staff feel it is important to spotlight our athletes and managers who give their time and efforts to 3 different sports within the athletic program in a school year.  Busco’s athletic success is predicated on our student-athletes being willing to bind together to give their time and effort to participate in multiple sports throughout the school year.

As a reward for participation across three sports in a school year, a student-athlete will be presented with a 3 sport patch at an end of the year recognition event specifically designed to spotlight these athletes. The requirements for this award are as follows;

  • Compete or manage for three different high school sports teams in a school year.
  • The student athlete must complete each sport in good standing and receive a certificate of participation and/or varsity letter.

The Busco 3 Sport Award goes into effect for the first time in the Spring of 2015 to recognize the 3 Sport Participants for the 2014-15 school year.